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Places of interest​

Falsled is the epitome of 'the Funen idyll'. Here, within a very short distance of an old village church, many half-timbered houses, beaches, a pleasant small boat harbor, peri-urban deciduous and coniferous forests, and an exciting freight environment.

The whole village is so valuable that the authorities have adopted a conservation plan for the city's oldest and most central part around the harbor and Faldsled Kro.

From Falsled Strand Camping you can in a relatively short time reach many important places of interrest. Funen has a lot of attractions, historic buildings and exciting experiences.

Within 15 min. driving distance (ie Faaborg and vicinity):​

Archipelago Trail.​

The trailhead of the Archipelago trail is right here at the campsite. With its 220 km it is one one the longest hiking trails in Denmark, and circumvents the South Funen Archhipelago through a unique cultural landscape with beautiful nature, old manors, villages and provincial towns. Through the season we have several hikers starting or ending their hiking trip here, but the trail is also fine for a day hike or running. 

Faborg Museum for Fynsk Malerkunst / Faaborg Museum of Funen Painting.

One of Denmark's finest art museums with the largest collection of Funen painters (including Fritz Syberg, Peter Hansen, Johannes Larsen and Poul S. Christiansen), and other artists associated with Fyn (eg. Kai Nielsen, Jens Birkholm, Karl Schou, Harald Giersing, Anna Syberg, Christine Swane and Alhed Larsen).

Faaborg Museum of Funen Painters Art Grønnegade 75, 5600 Faaborg, tel: 62610645, 

Faaborg Arrest prison museum.

Denmark's only public available museeum, which shows prison, punishment and stories from the Middle Ages untill today.

Faaborg Arrest prison museum, Square 19, 5600 Faaborg, tel: 63612000, / arrest.htm

Faaborg Belltower.​

Free-standing church tower from Faaborg's first church (Sct. Nicolai). The church dates from ca. 1250, while the bell tower was built in late 1400-century. Beautiful views of city and archipelago.

Faaborg Belfry Tower Street, 5600 Faaborg, tel: 63612000, / klokke.htm​

​Faaborg Mini town.

Faaborg city before 1900 in scale 1:10.

Faaborg Miniby, 5600 Faaborg, tel: 62613413​

Den Voigtske Gaard.​

Faaborg renowned merchants yard, through the medieval West Gate, linking the city with the hinterland to the west and north.

Merchant House vast complex that is conserved in almost unchanged form and with its breadth and its classy, simplified architecture Faaborg's most monumental warehouse.

Den Voigtske Gaard Vestergade 1, 5600 Faaborg.​

Horne Round Church and Mausoleum.​

Fyn only round church glimpsed in the rather mixed construction. The interiors of great historical value, as well as Eckersberg Thorvaldsen represented. Indretning med Greveloge og Nadversal af sjælden karakter. Interior with Greve Loge and Nadversal of rare character.

Horne Round Church and Mausoleum Kirkevej 16B, Horne, 5600 Faaborg, tel: 62601041, 

More than 15 min. driving:

Hans Christian Andersen (Odense).

The birthplace of the fairy-tale writer which in 1908 opened as a museum of the poet's life and work, situated in the old town of Odense. The museum gives an insight into Andersen's life and his contemporaries. A must for all visitors to the island of Funen.

Hans Christian Andersen Museum Bangs Boder 29, 5000 Odense C, phone 65514601,

Odense Zoo (Odense)​

Located nicely placed at the Odense River, and in recent years undergone an amazing transformation into a very modern zoo where the animals live in very natural surroundings. Known especially for the beautiful plants for tigers and monkeys, and South American plant, where there are particular manatees.

Sdr. Boulevard 306, 5000 Odense C, tel: 66111360,